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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Best Zealot Norn Semor Warhammer"

Apparently the above is a Google search that led someone here. Either Semor has been feeling like boosting his ego or someone out there has a crush on him.

I like Semor, honestly. I was on vent with him once (my famed ToVL run, when he logged in to help us kill the last boss and we still failed) and his voice sounds very calm. It made me sleep better, I swear. Healing wise I'm gonna say he's good. Not that I ever saw him heal outside of that room, cuz I haven't, but he has the approval of Fionna and Darkdeadly and the like and if he does, he must be good.

Still, if not the best he is surely one of the most famous. He seems to get around a lot. I can't think of many other Zealots doing well that I see all that often. There's Manouche (although that guy/gal aint that good), there's Ultelot but he's frightened of me, Incahealerlolz but haven't seen that one in a while, Zapperinyi (or whatever its typed) that is surely not taking the most out of his Tyrant set... Dunno. Where did they all go?

Maybe the supposed new class mechanic will bring more people back to the class and more new ones to it. I'm not complaining, I always loved it just the way it was. I don't agree that we're the underdog healing class even though we don't have a defined healing tree. I'd still love a set tree just for healing, no doubts about that but I rarely see people outhealing a Zealot. Unless, of course, it's a Tyrant geared DoK. Those things are fierce.

On a related note, I heal-raced a DoK I have nothing but respect for. Semchance Nenhuma is a tuga DoK in Norn (he means to say you have Nochanche Atall) and I bumped into him in a city siege. I kept being rezed and I finally told him how disgruntled I was that he was always one step ahead. Somehow I managed to get in front of him in the third stage. And I got to rr58! \m/

Now I'm going to go surf the interwebs for appliances because I think we found a house we're ready to buy.
Still no job though, but the order of these things doesn't relaly matter much, does it?

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