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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Dangling Conversation

Engra entered the mess hall to find his brave leader in heavy debate with a bar wench. As soon as he was finished and wiped himself clean, Engra approached his table.

"The Raven God calls!"
"Engra! My most valuable, valorous, vivid, voluminous and vivacious of warriors. Sit here, fellow, I have kept for you the sturdiest chair in the house. We would not want to repeat last week's debacle now, would we?"
"No, oh Champion of Change, we would not. I heard you had pressing matters to discuss. I would very much like to get to them so I could return to the post you have assigned me to."
"Then we shall do just that. As of the now. I have a task for you, Engra, a most important one."
Inside his helm Engra grinned a most malicious grin.
"You see," Tchar'zanek continued, "it was not by accident that you landed on the thankless post you now hold. You were sent there to hone your surveying skills for this very mission."
"I think you lost me there, of Great Hoofed One."
"One of my seers has seen a sight. Such a sublime sight is seen seldomly, surely."
"The winds of Change seem strong within you today, oh Thee of The Most Splendorous Horns."
"Quite. The particulars of this vision are none of your concern. You need but know there is a party now to be formed. You are to assemble these warriors and keep close watch over their actions. From time to time you will dictate their actions and see to it that they see them done."
"A lot of seeing and surveying seems to be in order. I must confess, sir..."
"I'm at the end of my list. I must confess I was expecting, or rather, hoping, for a bit more action."
"Fear not, blodthirsty Engra. There are many who will try to stop these warriors and, when you are noticed looming over their shoulders, you will most surely be faced with glorious battles."
"Well, that puts a nice twist to things. Of these warriors..."
"Ah, yes. I leave that to your full discretion."
"I had the impression they were to be put on quite a dangerous path, on quite an important mission."
"Yes. But it was also seen that Engra Deathsword was the wisest one to bear the weight of this choice. Now begone. My throat runs dry and you have long run out of amusing titles to adress me."

With a bow, Engra took his leave and returned beffudled to his surveying post at the arena. It was true he knew of a few names but this seemed like a matter on which he should invest a bit more time and consideration. As he watched the unending battles unfold before him, Engra started dictating to his newly appointed assistants.


  1. Voluminous? I hadn't realized Engra had such full thick hair. Interesting...

  2. Have you seen a barbershop in all of IC? And I suspect that cape is no cape at all...

  3. You're back in style! Did you rez your drooly face?

  4. My face is still quite numb. Life has proven to me time and again that I can only be mildly creative when I'm unhappy, hence the recent posts.