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Monday, June 7, 2010


I was looking through my Rewards section in the ToK and I started wondering? What's the deal with this "Cards" section? If they're never going to use it why don't they remove it?

And then I started dreaming about a card game similar to that in FFVIII or FFIX (yes, I'm very Square-oriented these days). That would be awesome. Not only would I totally rule but it'd give me a reason to get re-hooked for real on WAR. God only knows how many hours I spent tracking down those cards and winning those battles on the PS, who knows what it'd do to my life if they implemented something similar in WAR.

But even if it was just like a collector's thing, I wish they would do something with it. I dislike empty tabs, makes the game look unfinished.

Or is it implemented and I just missed it completely?


  1. Nope, it's pretty much dead at this point. I remember they asked Carrie about it and she said there's pretty much nothing done. They had an idea for it and added the tab so they could come back to it later. It's on the bottom of their list or something.

  2. Just like guild standard trophies and guild standards in front of the guild tavern. :(

    We can hope tho. They did implement player statues not that long ago.

  3. And yet player statues don't really add another level of gameplay, another topic of conversation and controversy. They just stand there and look pretty/gruesome/eyesorish like all statues.