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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Super Bock

Thats the name of the beer I'm drinking that prevented me from finding a better title.

Things have calmed down a bit and I got to play a bit more. Been to a lot of city sieges lately. It pleases me that I can do 2 of them in a row. Just today I was in one with Dex and we managed to win the first 2 stages but on the third one Karl chose Kardinal (you might remember him from a previous post) to be a champ and all was for naught. Still, I went back in and managed to get a fine Sov chest for Dex in the end. That was nice.

Loot wise, life's been good. Sov helm and purple knife for Ehone to add to my new vault tab wich I like to call "sweet loot I'll never get to wear cuz I'm so lazy to get my rr up" where my warlord chest, gloves and boots already await. I got to be big in a city siege too. Of course, it was only three of us on Destro side by the third stage so poor Tchar didn't have much choice. And 2 of us were healers so only two of us ended up being big.

I'd completely forgotten about those new talismans they were selling, especially the reduced AP one. I just bought one before I logged out, haven't had a chance to try it yet. What I definitely will not be buying is a Barbie pony. Only because I went to a toy store the other day and there it was, a Barbie horse. And I swear it looked familiar. I got home and I understood why.

The bombing nerf seems to have worked, somewhat. At least I can brag about having won a SC with 4 BWs in it. Flash of Chaos seems to be much improved as well.

All in all a good end to a very bad week.
Now if only I could muster the €375.000 they were asking for that apartment I saw today.


  1. So you don't like ponies? I wonder why.

    It's good to be able to change the mount model if you are stuck with a gyrocopter though. :)

  2. I'm a bit partial to the old Super Bock myself. A sia saide.

  3. @ze
    Well, yeah, gyrocopters aren't the best, and neither are Screamers. Have you ever wondered what a Manticore for Magus looks like? Look it up. But I still hate ponies and Barbie and pink.

    Toots, I have no idea what you mean. But Super Bock does rock! (maybe you meant to put "u"'s instead of "i"'s, that'd make sense)

  4. yes i meant "à sua saúde!!"
    cheers! here's to england winning the world cup, or at least beating portugal this time ;)

  5. Yeah, I love a man who dears to dream. You hang in there buddy, and let's not start this conversation or I'd have to bring up a certain game in the Euro cup some 6 years ago that actually managed to kill a few people from heart failure.

    So, let's not go there. :)