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Monday, June 21, 2010

Something in My Head Died

It did.

I woke up one Monday (or maybe it was Sunday. Well, it was definitely on a day that ended in "y") and the right side of my face was numb. I gave it a day, thought I might have slep ton one side for too long. Next day it was the same and the same it was on the third day.

So I called my mother, she's a nurse, and she said it could be a wisdom tooth. So I made an appointment at the dentists. "You can come in on the 7th of July". "Eff that," I thought, "I ain't having my face numb for a month. I'll scratch my nose off till then." Mike got me an appointment for his dentist the next day.

I go in and he tells me it's not my wisdom teeth. They're actually looking pretty good and will probably give me no problems in the future.

Then I did something one should never do: I Googled my symptoms. I started panicking at the mention of MS, aneurisms and all sorts of degenerative diseases. So I picked up my family and off to the hospital we went.

As general practitioners couldn't see what was wrong with me, they sent me to the neurology department for which I had to get in one of those spanky hospital gowns and ride around in a gurney (or trolley if that's your fancy) while old people were puking all over the place. I was the spunkiest patient in the E.R., I was.

I got to do a CAT scan which I thoroughly enjoyed. After some 4 hours I got the "we have no clue what's wrong with you but you shouldn't be too concerned. Stuff happens. Especially to people who work around freezers". But I don't work at all...

As you can probably realise, the idea that you can just wake up one day without feeling a part of your body because "shit happens" didn't sit well with me. Neither did the news that it'll probably stay like this for at least a month.

It is the most annoying thing I've ever experienced. It's like everyday, you're coming home from the dentist after a root canal or permanently having a layer of adhesive over half your nose and upper lip. My right upper teeth are numb too so they always feel cold.

I still have some more hospital visits scheduled so WAR is thoroughly on the back burner for now.

Sorry 'bout that peeps.


  1. Bless you! Maybe you can become a gangster and have a cool gangster name, like Droolface?

    Google tells me to tell you "Espero que se recupere rápido"

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Thanks bud, although my face isn't paralised, just numb.

    I will try to recuperate...

    And did you see that sixth goal against Korea?

  3. Wot, ronaldo's flukey one? See you in the final missus, unless we go out tomorrow ;)

  4. The thought scares me, I don't want my body parts going numb! That really sucks, maybe it's a kind of god retribution or something? For killing too many order?

    Hope you get better soon. :)

    @Aeo: Yesh, you go out today, by us. :P(overconfidence has never failed me! Or so I keep telling myself).