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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reikland Factory

I have no idea why this scenario made it to the permanent list. I have yet to find anyone that actually enjoys it and doesn't go "Oh GOD, not this again...." when it pops.

This scenario can/will/shouldn't play out in 2 ways.

Players head straight for Landing and start the main campfight around one of the spawn points. Meanwhile, a very small force of Order/Destro takes out to capture the far flags. Whoever does this wins, usually.

Players head out to the far flags while a small contingency goes bravely for landing only to be pummeled by the opposing side who went for the first option. The pummelers then notice the further flags being taken and move out to meet the other faction head on. The farther flaggests are outnumbered because of the ones killed at Landing.
And BTW, how wrong are Manouche's DBs in this here screenie? Especially considering the amount of overall kills he had. And below you have a censured Bruce Willis just because I can.

All of this is a fail to me. Of course, there are times when impossible numbers or an impossible number of healers make a difference and spawn farming becomes a reality, for either side. But I still hate it. Wether I win or lose I absolutely loathe it. For one, the far flags are too far. The middle flag has too much clutter to be of any strategic use. I mean, seriously, when was the last time you actually went up those stairs? Landing is just too close to the spawns. Anyone trying to hold it has to deal with wave after wave of the same people coming to push it. And worst of all: people don't listen. They don't. They don't go for the healers first, they will always hit the tanks and they never listen. So it becomes a great big ball of "Oh GOD, not this again..."

I would much rather have Mourkain Temple up on T4. You go up to the middle, you AoE frenzy and you pick up a Murderball. You then proceed to knocking stuff off the ledge and feast on an all-out campfight. How can anything be better than that?

Funny thing. Today while I was in the shower I had an idea. I often have ideas in the shower. I also come up with lyrics to game music and then sing them for the rest of the day much to the annoyance of my peers. I was thinking "with so many bloggers in Norn out there it's a shame I never see them. We should do like a meet or something and bash eachothers to death." And then I logged on and I found Bootae. For the first time, mind you, he's a sneaky one. So I guess the world once more proved to me that it is indeed a very small place. And Norn even more so.


  1. Yeah RF sucks. I like mourkain, but I like Highpass the best. Almost impossible to be spawn camped in it, and the map is so small you actually spend time fighting, and not running back to the action.

  2. Interesting, guildmates of mine say they ONLY do RF because it's the only one they can be sure they won't get spawn camped.

    The key is mobility, don't struggle to hold landing, just move around the other objectives...

  3. I would actually prefer the much hated Stonetroll Crossing than RF. RF for me is on par with Thunder Valley. Ok, maybe not quite. :P They probably introduced it to the permanent rotation because of the positive feedback they got when they introduced it in an event (I forget which one). But that was long ago and RF didn't get an overhaul to make it more playable. It's the same with Twisting Tower. When it was introduced everyone was like "awesome", but when it was a warfront recently most of the playbase seemed to hate it, because it so divided and confusing.

    Though when you are running random scens, every scen is potentially horrible. :P

    That zealot looks to be using some sort of trick and killing NPCs instead of players. Like you can kill cows in Talabec Dam and it counts as playerkills (no renown tho).

    About meeting up, I'm resubbing on friday and I'll be sure to send you a wave if I see you. Or I might just come kill you with my IB. Armor debuff + Outgoing Healing debuff = Muahahaha (<-- evil laughter)

  4. @Aezelbeth
    I never try to hold Landing. In fact, I don't even recall the last time I stepped a foot on Landing. I might stand under it to spam AoE heals now and then but that's the problem with Pugs, they won't go for the other flags, they will not keep mobile.

    If a small group does take all the flags and then proceeds to enjoy a good round of pummeling, Order just takes it back and we lose even though we have three times more kills.

    If I see you I'll be sure to wait for my morale 4 and reduce your incoming healing and sick my choppa, black orc and two chosens on you. Muaha... (<-not so confident laughter....)

  5. It's very popular, because it's so quick, hence easy medals and renown.

    As a premade I like it - you can pretty much lock in a victory by moving between landing and steamtank and wiping everyone. Playing solo, at least it's quick, and it's less likely to be dominated by an opposition premade because of the number of control points.