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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Yesterday i was in the mood for some Magus, so i pulled out my Ahrimana and ranked her up a little bit (still in T2, but I have to say, Magus IS FUN!)

All went well until someone from the Alliance (Small In Numbers) suggested an LV run.

For some stupid reason I decided that I wasn't going with Epikk, so I logged my WE and ran to Avelorn.

A valuable lesson was had on that LV run.

Ok, so, I don't play with it ever since i rolled Epikk, and as such I really can't remember what's god and what's not. But i don't remember her being so utterly suck.

It pained me to see that she deals almost 5 times less damage than my dear Choppa. At one point, i can't really remember what boss it was, I decided to stop being useless and logged with Epikk. That's when it really hit me. I was dealing about 160 damage with the WE to that boss, and Epikk was dealing almost 800, plus hurting time, with my run of the mill cookie cutter...

It saddens me to admit it, but... MY WE SUCKS DONKEY BALLS.

and that's that.


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